The workshops should be a mixture between prepared talks (beamer, 5-30 min), short presentations (2-5min) and discussion. Please let us know, when you would like to present.

Friday, 18:00: Workshop Pirate-Positions: “Pirate goals in PL/CZ/D … similarities and differences”

  • As this is our first meeting, it would be very important that we all get to know the way of living and thinking politics in the different countries. How does politics work in CZ/PL/DEU? What is the current status of the pirate party and its members? What are the main goals? What are the most important political positions? How do these positions compare to the status-quo?
  • Chairperson: Martin Schulte-Wissermann
  • Speaker (talk): @Fl0range (chief of pirates saxony), Mikuláš Peksa (CZ), tba


Saturday, 10:00, Workshop Europe: “Campaigning strategies – from regional elections to the EU elections 2014″

  • All pirate parties in the EU will have elections next year – the election for the European parliament. In this workshop, first we would like to present the different (or maybe very similar?) campaining strategies in CZ/PL/DEU. What are the lessons learned from the past. What has proven to work well. After this, we should discuss how and if an European strategy can help, in order to compensate our minimal budget compared to the traditional parties.
  • Chairperson: Mikuláš Peksa
  • Speaker (talk): MSW/Mark Neis(D), tba, tba

Saturday, 13:00 Workshop future cooperation I: “Helping, learning, connecting”

  • In this workshop, we would like to first identify the topics wich are worthwhile to be discussed in detail: where do we have potential to efficiently and effectively work together. Which things are really productive, which things are not necessary. This session will be a streamed as a video-conference. Two introducing talks by Mikuláš Ferjenčík (remote) and Mark Neis will be held.

Sunday, 10:00 Workshop future cooperation II: “Let’s get to work …”

On Saturday, we have identified the important topics. Let’s now start to make things real!

Possible topics could be:

  • Software development and active help on different projects (e.g. server infrastructure, sharing code, …)
  • Campaigning tourism
  • Collective social and political events (summer camp, soccer tournament, demonstration, online campaigns, ingress, combined political goals (e.g. cross border projects, international working groups
  • next PP³ (website, language, location, time, …)
  • Chairperson:
  • Work in smaller groups an special topics

 Sunday, at ~13:00 Conclusion, next PP³, Farewell …

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