Pirates from Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany get together at the end of August in Dresden. This is the first international meeting for these three countries – and it is one of the answers of the pirate party of how a future Europe should cooperate.

Pirates are international, still they live in individual states. Pirates question upon borders, still these borders exist. Pirates want to cross these borders, …

The question on how to actually not only live alongside in Europe, but to really live together in a unified Europe is currently not answered. The human, economic and cultural perspectives and prospectives of  working, interacting and communicating together are currently not seen clearly enough. The pirate party, as a worlwide project, has the unique opportunity to serve as a potential archetype. Therefore, the pirates have to connect with each other. We have to learn from each other, we have to help each other. This is one of the main scopes of the PP3. We are going to connect on a regional basis pirates and people from Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany in order to create a low level band, from which one can approach the next level of cooperation and unity.

From the 30. of August to the 1. of September, all pirates are invited to join the first PP3 meeting at Dresden in 2013. This is the starting point for the pirate-cooperation for the future. We like to discuss the possibilities and difficulties. We like to learn from each other. And, last but not least, we like to have fun and to spread the pirate lifestyle and attitude on an european scale.

Please help us to make this event an experience for all of us.





Contact on all concerns:  martin.schulte-wissermann@piraten-dresden.de

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